Gluten in flour is responsable for strong structure and elasticity of dough which is very essantial for the bread making process.

Quantity of gluten is very important for quality of flour and wheat. Wet gluten reflects pretty highly rate content of gluten.

The instrument determines how flour performance and the amount of  wet gluten, in whole wheat, bread , durum semolina and wheat flour  that is seen  clearly end of the test.

The instrument is completely automatic which can also works with two samples and protect the paralellism of  two same samples at the same time during the washing.

The process of kneading and washing takes less than six minutes. İt is also possible to extend kneading and washing time as requested.

When the test finished, the device gives an audible warning.

The instrument provide a great convenience for the staff. İt is exactly user-friendly.

Completely stainless strongbox and resistanted to corrosion. The instrument is sent with all accessories included