Alpha amylase is a method used to determine enzyme activity in FN analysis.

Alpha amylase is used to measure enzyme activity in AMYLASEMETER device.

Measures FN conforming to international standarts (ICC and AACC Standard methods).

Liquidisation of starch in the sample by alpha amylase in boiling water bath based on measurement.The AMYLASEMETER 9100 provides single sample operation with the device..

the FN option, the natural alpha amylase activity is determined.

The FFN option determines the fungal alpha amylase activity that subsequently participates in the flour.

Advanced software provides maximum ease of use to the user.

with one device

* Classical FN Test in wheat flour and meal. ( FN )

* Alpha amylase activity determination test with altitude correction in flour and wheat

* Fungal alpha amylase activity determination test for added flour ( FFN )

* Large color TOUCH PANEL display

* Single Analysis System

* Possiblity to change the test mode with only one button touch.

* Correction of FN results according to moisture content of the sample

* Auto result correction based on the altitude.

* The amount to be analyzed according to product humidity calculation.

* Average value calculation.

* Calculates Liquefaction Number

* The integrated printer.

* Display the last test on the screen.

* Easy -to -use.