In accordance with standards ICC 114/1 and   AACC 54-10  , resistance to extension and the energy of the dough are determined.These values are important properties of flour.

The dough sample (s) prepared with 300 gr flour, 2% salt and the required amount of water in the FARINOMETER device are weighed to be 150 gr. Prepared dough sample (s) are given in the sections on the EXTENSOMETER device and kept at certain constant temperature in the fermentation chamber. 45 minutes,90 minutes and 135 minutes are tested by placing the pull section on the device. Parallel testing can be carried out at the same time with the same sample if desired. As a result of the data obtained with the EXTENSOMETER special software, the EXTENSOMETER chart is drawn, the results are calculated automatically and recorded to the computer.

These results are evaluated to provide information about the rheological properties of the dough and the results of flour additives.

EXTENSOMETER  provides maximum ease of use to the user with advanced software.

With the EXTENSOMETER graphic;

* Resistance to extension ( 5 cm )

* Resistance to extension ( Max. )

* Extensibility

* Area below the curve ( Energy )

* Ratio number ( Resistance 5 cm / Extensibility )

* Ratio number ( Max.) (Resistance max. / Extensibility )

the results are obtained.