Biotron Biological and Medical Products Import Export Trade Ltd. Ltd. Şti., Has been operating since 1995. In this process, Research and Development (R & D) unit of the company has achieved many successes both in the medical field and in wheat & flour quality control laboratory devices. Farinometer, Extensometer, Amylasemeter devices are among the most striking examples.It has gained great acclaim both in the country and all over the world.Our R & D studies related to new products are continuing.

Knowledge-based, innovative, solution-oriented; therefore, we are on the way to becoming a center of attraction in the global arena with a highly efficient dynamism.Because we keep quality in detail
We are experiencing the excitement of structuring the future.
Turkey's globalizing world 'brands' We want to be recognized with the product.
It is our source of happiness that the products we produce with our capital, which is completely domestic, are appreciated in every country of the world.